The Computer Cellar’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions we get asked frequently via email and phone. Hopefully this list may save some time!

Q) Are you open today?
A) Our hours are 10 AM to 6PM Monday through Friday. If it’s the weekend, we’re closed. Notices for weather-related, holiday, or other closings are on the front page of the site. If there’s not a special closing notice up there, and it’s within our normal hours, then we’re open!

Q) How much does it cost to get (X) fixed?
A) We can almost never give an accurate quote without seeing the device in person. Laptop designs and components can vary drastically, sometimes even when they’re the same model. A “screen replacement on an HP Pavilion”, for example could cost between $150 and $500! If you want realistic numbers, you should come see us in person. Some common labor pricing, however, is available on our pricing page.

Q) Do you fix Macs?
A) Yes, though on newer models of MacBook laptops (2016+), we are very limited on what we can do directly (details can be found on our Apple page). We have partnered with a local third-party provider for some higher-end board-level repairs on newer Macs. Feel free to describe your problem via email and provide the model year or serial number and we’ll let you know what your options are.

Q) Are you Apple Certified?
A) No, so if you’re looking for a warranty-covered repair, check elsewhere (give TenPlus Systems a try.) Apple certification would deny us the ability to use a broader variety of parts including used components, or to do creative, less expensive repairs than what they “authorize”.

Q) Do you fix only PCs?/only Macs?/only Chromebooks?
A) We fix PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.

Q) Do you fix TVs/monitors?
A) No. We’re not currently aware of a local resource that does (probably because they’re almost universally cheaper to replace than to fix!)

Q) Do you fix printers?
A) No. We’re not currently aware of a local resource that does (probably because they’re almost universally cheaper to replace than to fix!)

Q) Do you fix phones?
A) We don’t. We specialize in computers, and phones require specialized equipment and skills. Lots of other people do, though.

Q) Do you fix tablets?
A) No. Check with the providers we suggest for phone service, they may be able to help. Please note that the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book are considered tablets.

Q) Do you fix game consoles?
A) We can replace some major parts (power supplies, fans, storage devices, thermal paste) in modern consoles such as the PS4/5 and Xbox One/Series. We can repair some issues on the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. We may be able to perform certain mods (including soldered mods) on classic consoles (NES, Genesis, Game Boy, PS1 etc.); please email if you have any interest in this. For HDMI port replacements or board-level damage to modern consoles, we’d recommend checking with ChargingPort.

Q) Do you have a battery for (X)?
A) We can (probably) get a battery for it, but we don’t stock batteries (except for some specific Mac models) since there’s an endless variety of them and they will deteriorate with extended time on the shelf. We can’t order a battery with just a phone call; you’ll need to come in so we can verify we’re getting the proper part for your specific model, and in order to make a deposit. We do not require you to leave your computer with us while the battery is on order.

Q) How much is your diagnostic fee?
A) $20-50, time- and labor-dependent (minimum $20). In some cases, this fee may be in addition to repair costs, as it helps cover our communication time with you as well as the diagnostic process itself. Certain exceptions may cause this fee to be raised, lowered, or waived, but we’ll notify you if this applies (or is likely to apply) in your case.

Q) What’s your turnaround time?
A) Most diagnoses are performed in less than 24 hours and most repairs in 24-48 hours unless parts are needed. Most parts can be acquired in 3-5 days (sometimes longer due to carrier shenanigans or international shipping). Laptop screens – including Mac screens – can usually be acquired the next business day. Try getting turnaround time like that from anywhere else in the area!

Q) Where are you located?
A) See the “Location Info & Maps” page for our, um — location info and maps.

Q) What about parking?
A) You can park streetside on 9th Street and walk down 8 Alley or you can park directly outside our door via 8 Alley (via Iredell). We have wheelchair accessibility. See the “Location Info & Maps” page for details.

Q) Do you have any computers for sale right now?
A) Any computers for sale are kept up-to-date on our “Items For Sale” page.

Q) Do you buy computers?
A) No. We’re also not aware of any local businesses (other than maybe pawn shops) that buy computers from the public; our recommendation is to sell online via Craigslist, Swappa, or Facebook Marketplace.

Q) Can you come to my house?
A) We don’t currently offer house calls or on-site visits for numerous reasons. Other than Geek Squad, we don’t know of any local business that does so.