Rental Computers

Whether you’re stressed out because your computer will be in the shop for a few days waiting for parts and you’ve got stuff you need to get done, or you just need to use a computer short term during a project, you might want to rent one of our laptops. We currently have 10th- and 11th-gen Intel powered Dell PCs in 13″, 14″, and 15″ sizes, each with 8-12GB of RAM and an SSD for fast performance. We also have a Chromebook available for rent for students.

All devices are fully wiped and reset upon return, so feel free to sign into your accounts and install whatever you need to – heck, you can even load it up with viruses if you want. Just promise to take good care of it and bring it back in one piece!

Pre-tax Rental Rates:

Weekly: $35 first week (one-week minimum, paid in advance)
$15/week for subsequent weeks (up to four weeks total, $80 maximum, paid upon return)

Monthly: $75 first month (one-month minimum, paid in advance)
$50/month for subsequent months (up to three months total, $175 maximum, paid upon return)


All renters’ credit/debit card information will be kept on file; additional charges will be processed automatically each week (or month).