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At The Computer Cellar, we’re proud to offer fair pricing that matches or beats the big chains, while offering faster and better service with an emphasis on doing what’s best for you.

Please be aware that in 99% of cases, we must see the computer in person to give you an accurate estimate or quote. Coming in for an estimate will always be easier (for both us and you) than calling in to ask about pricing!

When you come in, we’ll get information about your problem and check in your computer. You will later receive diagnostic information and a recommended course of action. If you choose not to do a repair, you’ll only be responsible for the diagnostic charge ($20-$50). Most customers get diagnostic results within 24 hours and you’ll get a heads-up if we believe it may take longer.

We charge a flat rate for the majority of repairs we do, with some variations for complexity. We base this rate on the amount of time, effort, and skill that will need to be applied in the course of the repair, bearing in mind that we often work on multiple repairs simultaneously. Hourly fees are usually only applied to one-on-one consultations. This helps us give you a firmer number up-front.

The list below gives a rough guide to our most common repairs, but please be aware that these rates may fluctuate if you have a particularly complicated issue (or a particularly complicated computer). We will inform you of these possibilities in advance of creating your work order.

One more thing – some jobs will require a deposit in advance. These include jobs where expensive parts are necessary, jobs where you keep your computer until an ordered part arrives, or jobs with a high probability of failure where we would charge a minimum fee for the attempt. All fees will be disclosed in advance.

The Computer Cellar accepts cash, check*, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and all major credit and debit cards.

The following list is not inclusive.

Short Description Long Description Price as of 2/6/2024
Custom Desktop Build (labor) Includes purchasing, assembly, setup, and testing. Dependent on complexity. Bring-your-own-parts (BYOP) builds will be discounted and usually run $120-200. $180-$250
Diagnostics Diagnostics performed on checked-in item. Time- and labor-dependent. MINIMUM $20. $20-$50
Windows 10/11 Reinstall (wipe) Reformat, reinstall Windows 10/11 to any given computer with no data transfer. Includes labor charge for swapping HDD if needed. $80
MacOS Reinstall (wipe) Reformat, reinstall MacOS to any given (modern, post-2013) Mac with no data transfer. $70
HDD Swap on most PCs/laptops Physical process of swapping drives, independent of other repair. Dependent on difficulty. $20-40
iMac Retina HDD Replacement + OS Reinstall Reformat, reinstall MacOS to any given iMac (modern, post-2012) with no data transfer. Includes labor charge for swapping HDD, and adhesive kit.* $210
Password Reset (Local Account) Reset password for local account on Windows-based systems $40
Password Reset (Cloud Account) Assistance/consultation for resetting password for Microsoft accounts or other cloud-based accounts $40
Data transfer (between computers or disks) Any data transfer between any two computers or disks. (labor only) $75
Data transfer/recovery (legacy media) Copying data from old floppies, ZIP disks, CDs/DVDs to a new medium* or computer. $40 minimum (for up to 5 disks); then per disk:*media transcodes (e.g. CDDA to MP3, DVD-V to MP4, etc.) are $15/disk $2.00
LCD Replacement Swap LCD on PC (Windows, Linux, Chromebook) laptops. Varies based on complexity/difficulty. $70-$180
Display Replacement (MacBooks) Please contact store for quote. Provide A-number from bottom of laptop.
Data Recovery (labor) Recovering from reformatted or damaged drive. Depends on amount of effort needed. Most should fall in the midrange. $80-$200
Virus/Malware Removal, Optimization To remove viruses, bloatware, malware, spyware, and then re-optimize the computer without reinstalling. Varies based on difficulty/time. $50-$100
Optimize/Configure New Computer (NDT) To remove bloatware and adware from new computers, get up to date, optimize, and add freeware. Does not include data transfer. $40
Replace Keyboard (modular PC) Replace a modular (top-install) PC keyboard (labor only) $40
Replace Keyboard (undermount PC) Replace a non-modular (undermount) PC keyboard that is screw-mounted (labor only) $100
Replace Keyboard (heat staked palmrest) Replace a non-modular heat staked PC keyboard and attached palmrest (labor only) $80
DC Jack Replacement (modular) Replace a modular (non-soldered) DC jack in most laptops (labor only) (depends on design) $35-60
DC Jack Replacement (soldered) Replace a soldered DC jack in most laptops (labor only) (depends on design) $75-100
Hinge Repair (unorthodox) “Unorthodox” repair of hinges by means of screws or epoxy in most laptops (dependent on complexity) $75-100
Hinge Repair (orthodox) Repair hinges by replacement of broken hinge mechanism and, in most cases, broken laptop chassis components (labor only) $140
Liquid Spill Recovery/attempt Minimum charge of $175 to attempt cleaning of chassis/components (incl. logic board), regardless of success. Total cost including replacing parts may increase (labor only) $175-300
Replace Battery (MacBook Air 2017 or earlier, most PC laptops) Replace battery on MacBook Air 2017 or earlier, most PC laptops that don’t require extensive disassembly $35
Replace Battery (MacBook Pro Retina) Replace battery on MacBook Pro (2015), which is glued into the chassis (labor only) $100
Replace Battery (complicated PCs) Replace battery on PC laptops with complicated design/extensive disassembly involved $65
PSU Replacement Replace damaged power supply in desktop computers (labor only) (dependent on complexity) $40-80
In-store consultation (beyond 15 minutes) Extended discussion, testing, assistance, explanation, or repair, while you wait. Billed in 15-minute increments, 1-hour minimum. $80/hr
Deposit Requirement A deposit is required for all parts orders exceeding $200, for any parts ordered where the customer retains the computer until parts arrival, and for custom builds (50% of parts value).
Deposits may also be required on a case-by-case basis where we know the value of the computer is extremely limited.
All other jobs will be charged based on estimated time investment.
Labor pricing may be adjusted at management discretion when a job is unusually easier or more difficult than anticipated.

*$17.00 fee will apply for all returned checks. DL/ID# must be shown.