OS Installations, Reinstalls, and Upgrades

Your operating system (OS) is the software program that makes all the hardware (chips and boards and stuff) in your computer work together to do all the wonderful things it can do.  If you use a Mac, you’re using a version of “macOS” or “OSX” that is usually identified by a code name – previously big cats, like “Snow Leopard”, “Lion”, and “Tiger” – and now by places – “Mojave”, “Catalina”, or “Big Sur”.

If you use a PC, your OS is more than likely a version of Windows.  Currently, you should be running Windows 10 or 11 or, if you’re a bit of a masochist, Windows 8.1 – all prior OSes are unsupported.

Whether you need an upgrade to the latest version of your OS, an installation of an OS to your new machine, or you want to reset your system to run like it’s brand new, The Computer Cellar can perform an OS install, reinstall, or upgrade quickly and effectively, making sure your system has all the bits of software it needs to work correctly.  Give us a call today, drop in, or use the contact form below, and we’ll be happy to make sure you’re taken care of and clearly understand the work that we do for you!

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