New Computer Setup

Congratulations on purchasing your new PC! Isn’t it pretty? Clean lines, smooth surfaces, not a scratch on it (we hope!)

But, chances are, you might need a few adjustments before you get rolling with it. Are all the settings the way you like them? Do you have all the usual programs you want, installed properly?

And did you know that most mass-market PC manufacturers load up their system with various “useful” (actually useless) programs that most in the industry call “bloatware” or “crapware”? This array of programs you will likely never use take up space on your hard drive and bog down system resources, slowing your boot time. Some exist only to push advertisements to you.

The Computer Cellar can help you get your new computer set up the way you like it, install and test all your software, and get rid of any excess bloatware that you don’t need. We do it safely and stand behind our work. We can also recommend or install useful freeware!