Memory and Storage Upgrades

Memory and storage upgrades can enable you to do more, faster, with the computer you already have.

Upgrading your Random Access Memory (RAM) gives your computer more temporary space to exchange bits of data as it processes what you’re working on. A RAM upgrade, at roughly $7/gigabyte (depending on the type of RAM and computer), is an inexpensive, easy way to boost your system’s performance and give you the capability to run more intricate software – or more things at the same time!

If you think of your computer like an office, the RAM is like the desk that the processor works at. The bigger the desk, the more work it can do at one time. With a smaller desk, the processor has to stop and put things into/take things out of the file cabinet (the hard drive).

Upgrading your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) gives you more storage space for your programs, games, music, photos, documents, and videos. New technologies, like SSDs (solid state drives), can help move that data around faster and make your operating system move much faster! See our “Hard Drives: Explained” article for more information.