Liquid Spill Repairs

Despite popular assumptions, computers don’t get thirsty. But accidents happen sometimes, and you might have shared your coffee, beer, or water with your laptop. If that happened, make sure you turn it off immediately and don’t turn it back on! Unplug it, mop dry what you can and orient the computer so that if the liquid got on the keyboard it can drip out of it, where possible — then bring it in as soon as you can!

Liquid spills can be absolutely catastrophic, sometimes instantly – but not always. The sooner we get the chance to disconnect your battery and disassemble and clean your device, the better a chance it stands of surviving. We will take everything apart, clean components with special chemicals and tools where necessary, then reassemble and test your device so we can see what, if anything, needs replacing.

This process can be somewhat expensive and time-intensive, but it’s usually a lot cheaper than buying a whole new laptop! Time is of the essence – come in today!