Laptop Hinge Repair and Replacement

Have one or both of your laptop’s hinges popped loose? It happens. Sometimes due to drop damage, sometimes just due to opening and closing the lid. Some hinge assemblies are poorly designed, sad to say, and simply break too easily. And over time, hinges can seize up, and sometimes can become so resistant to movement that they snap the plastics they’re attached to.

Leaving your hinges broken or partially broken will leave your laptop susceptible to further damage – broken screens, broken wireless antennas, broken LCD connection cables, broken bodies and frames.

At The Computer Cellar, we’re experts at hinge repair. Sometimes we can use epoxy or additional screws to do an inexpensive, quick, but reliable repair. Other times we may have to replace the hinge mechanism or the entire lid. But rest assured we can make your computer safe to use again with the most reliable repairs in the area!