Welcome Former Intrex Customers

Recently, our friendly competitor Intrex shut down their Durham operations after many years in business. If you’ve previously relied on Intrex for repairs or custom computers, we wanted to introduce ourselves and explain what we offer and how it may be a little different. Intrex offered four major services: computer repair, prebuilt desktop computers, computer parts and accessories direct sales, and custom-built computers.

We offer two of these, so we’ll get the two we don’t do out of the way first: we don’t sell pre-configured/pre-built desktop PCs. Intrex was a larger business who had deals with major parts distributors which made it possible for them to assemble PCs at a reasonable (if somewhat high) cost-per-spec. We don’t do this, as we feel it doesn’t offer you a particularly good value for your money. Most people that were buying these PCs were using them for fairly basic use cases where a major OEM PC (something like an HP, Dell, etc.) would have suited them just as well at a far lower cost.

Note that these distributor deals allowed Intrex to also offer direct sales of computer parts, supplies, and accessories. Our limited capacity and size does not currently allow us to offer this, other than a handful of basic things like keyboards, mice, and external drives, of which we stock a very limited supply.

We can, however, at a consultation rate, spend some time with you and ascertain exactly what you use your computer for, what your intended budget is, and what your expectations are. We can then help identify what kind of computer you should likely purchase and try to help you find the best bang for your buck. We can also set these up for you, remove bloatware, and transfer data from your old device.

In some cases, though, a custom desktop PC may be appropriate. In most cases, a custom PC makes sense for those planning to spend north of $1,200 on something intended for heavy processing workloads such as statistical analysis, programming, gaming, video editing, or 3D rendering. When this is the case, we feel it is best not to take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but rather pick parts piece-by-piece as they best suit your needs and budget. We typically start this off with a basic questionnaire, which we usually follow up with more questions.

As for repairs, we believe in a no-nonsense approach. We won’t BS you or feed you jargon, and we won’t try to make you feel stupid; but we won’t coddle you or blindly tell you what you want to hear, either. We take computers seriously and we will look at both the problem you present and other potential problems your computer may have due to age, usage, or design. We’ll explain any points of concern in terms you can understand, then make straightforward recommendations about whether to repair or replace, and what your options are in terms of said repair.

We think it’s wise to take a measured attitude toward repairs, keeping things as cost-effective as possible for you while also delivering a repair in a timely manner. If we think you may be throwing bad money after good, or that a repair isn’t likely to present a good value, we will say so. We also will (with some exceptions for certain situations such as legacy industrial or medical uses) refuse to repair computers that may be known to be dangerous, highly failure-prone, or so old that they are no longer sensible to keep running. 

Our turnaround time has always been the fastest in Durham, and we strive to continue to maintain a fast pace while also providing reliable, quality repair service. That said, we know everyone is in a hurry and needs their computer right now, but not everything can be done immediately. We’ve maintained a 24-hour diagnostic turnaround for quite a while; which, compared to Intrex, is basically light-speed – so you can be assured if you drop your computer off you will hear from us in short order (and if we get backed up, we’ll let you know at check-in what to expect, but it won’t be “two weeks”.) If replacement parts are needed, this can extend repair times – usually just by a few days but international shipping can be more lengthy. Again, we’ll be filling you in along the way and keeping you updated.

You’ll have the option of phone call, text message, or email as the primary communication method with us. We use a ticketing system that allows our technicians to text message you directly from the in-house system, so it’s our preferred method – it’s fast and it’s a “paper trail”. Sometimes if a situation is complicated or nuanced, we’ll need to speak over the phone or in person. You’ll generally be updated throughout the process, and asked for confirmation before any work incurring a repair cost is performed.

We are a very small crew of technology enthusiasts. We specialize in laptop repair, and we have decades of experience. We hope to put that to work for you when you need us. Thanks for supporting local small businesses!

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