HP Computer Repair

The Computer Cellar will decline to repair structural issues in the HP 15- and 17-bs/by/bw/ca/dy/etc. series.

This line has severe issues with its plastic formulation and tends to disintegrate under basic handling and especially during disassembly/reassembly. Repairs are very costly and will fail in the same manner over time. Units without structural issues often develop them during other repairs; if your unit is in for something other than structural repair you may be required to sign a waiver for us to agree to service.

HP (which now owns the Compaq brand) is one of the most popular computer manufacturers in the country, offering a broad range of products from the inexpensive to the luxury. Whether it’s a Pavilion, ProBook, EliteBook, Envy, Victus, Omen, or Spectre, we’ve got the tools and resources to help you find a solution. We can repair damaged power buttons, failed keyboards, structural failures (some hinge failures on recent models are recommended not to repair), replace failed hard drives, and much more!