Custom System Design and Building

You already know that The Computer Cellar offers a wide range of professionally refurbished desktop and laptop computers that are suitable for most tasks.

But sometimes you have something specific in mind.  You want a monster gaming rig, a number cruncher, or a super quiet media center unit.

There’s plenty of boutiques out there, some local, that offer custom design and building. And most of them do great work at fair prices.  But it’s also a spot where we can help you too. Instead of an impersonal phone conversation with a techie on the other end, or an order-by-numbers web site, you can (if needed) come in and sit down with us, talk about your needs, and explore your options and costs.

In the end, you can get the perfect, custom-built machine, or you might discover that you may only need a simple refurbished computer, saving you money; and you get to help support your local small business as well!

If you’re interested in getting started or getting an estimate, use the form on our special request page here! Be sure to check out the info at the top, as there’s sometimes some limitations to what we can offer.