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9/30/2023 re: Amazon emails about gift cards

If you received three emails in a row from Amazon thanking you for your purchase of a gift card for, Mastercard, and Google Play, please be assured that your Amazon account has not been compromised (I mean, probably not, at least not in the way this email implies).

This was a poorly-phrased and framed but legitimate email from Amazon corporate meant to inform customers of common scams that involve using gift cards to take your money. If you check your purchase history you will see no new purchases of gift cards. Don’t panic, nothing’s wrong. Change your password if it makes you feel better about it, but there’s no need to call us or come see us about this issue!

If you’re contacting us about a MacBook display issue, please provide your A-number (the number on the bottom of the Mac, with an “A” plus four digits, e.g. “A2337”) so that we can provide accurate availability and pricing information.

In most cases, only “aftermarket” display assemblies are currently available. These are functionally identical to the stock screen but do not have an Apple logo on the lid.

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