Company Policy on Cyberstalking/Cybercrime Investigations

If you come to us with a complaint that you believe you are being cyberstalked, gangstalked, traced, tracked, or otherwise digitally spied on, we WILL NOT offer any services to help you investigate these matters.

We do not have the qualifications nor certifications to properly investigate whether or not you are actually a victim of these types of crimes. In addition, the liabilities (both civil and legal) involved with investigating such a matter are far too great for our interests.

However, we do offer the following two bits of advice to anyone who approaches us with these concerns:

1) If you have a firm belief or evidence of being stalked, spied on, tracked, or wiretapped, your first point of contact should always be law enforcement. These are serious crimes with both state and federal penalties. If you believe your privacy or safety is at risk, you should be taking precautions in accordance with that belief.

2) If you only have a suspicion and you want to investigate, you should be aware that such investigation is extremely costly due to the expertise involved. You should also be aware that 99% of these investigations result in findings that digital privacy intrusions are not actually occuring. If there is a compelling reason to believe that you are, however, you may want to consult with a digital forensics specialist. We cannot make recommendations in this regard and encourage you to research your options online.