ASUS Computer Repairs

ASUS offers a wide selection of laptop computers, such as the ZenBook, VivoBook, and Flip series, and have grown dramatically in popularity. Offering a range of machines that are affordable and appealing in design, ASUS can be a great choice when you’re shopping for a computer.

Among other common problems (broken plastics being the most common), the last few years’ models (the VivoBook line in particular) tend to have hinge failures on the lid side, which can result in broken digitizers/front glass.

However, when you have an issue with your ASUS product here in Durham, they require you to ship the machine all the way to California. ASUS will not sell parts directly to anyone and will not even provide a repair estimate unless you have shipped them your computer.  If you do ship your computer, be sure to either have a complete data backup or remove your hard drive in order to safeguard your data – they’ve been known to get wiped or replaced unexpectedly!

We offer the Durham area quick, quality repairs for your ASUS laptop computer.  We will source parts through alternative markets and provide the repair at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, many ASUS parts only ship from China, so there might be a bit of a wait, but we’ll get it done as fast as we can!

As with any of the computer repairs that we offer, we always treat each computer as though it were our own and find the optimal solution at the lowest possible cost that keeps the computer operating reliably for years to come.