Apple Repair

So you dropped your MacBook and now it won’t boot. Or your iMac is clicking and buzzing ominously. Or, god forbid, you spilled something on it.

Hey, these things happen. We won’t judge. But now you need to see about getting it fixed, but do you want to wait weeks to get an appointment at the Genius Bar, only to get whacked with a $800 bill?

At The Computer Cellar, our technicians may not be Apple Certified (this is by choice!), but they know what they’re working with. Experience is the best teacher, and our team has plenty of experience finding the most reasonable (and reasonably priced!) repair solutions for your malfunctioning iProduct – and we do it with a smile and sense of humor you won’t usually get from “geeks” or “geniuses”. If there’s something we can’t do, we’ll make recommendations of who probably can.

If you’re outside your AppleCare time limit, in need of repair, or want to optimize your Mac’s performance, The Computer Cellar is ready to get you back where you want to be – on your perfectly functioning Apple device!

And the best thing?  We can do it for so much cheaper than the service centers, meaning you keep money in your pocket to save for the next new Apple product.

We provide many services (battery, screen, speaker, keyboard, touchpad, and other component replacements; OS reinstalls, liquid damage repair, etc.) for 2015 MacBook Pros, 2015-2017 MacBook Airs , and all iMac models 2015 and later.
We are partnered with a local third-party provider, Triangle Board Repairs, who can assist with many services for the 12″ MacBook, 2016 and later MacBook Pros, and 2019 and later MacBook Airs including board-level repair, “won’t power on” issues, keyboard, touchpad, and USB-C port replacements (and more), among other things. TBR does not interact directly with the public; we pass jobs to and from them as an intermediary. We can replace the screens for all of these models in-house.
If you need the battery replaced in your 2016+ MacBook Pro or 2019+ MacBook Air, you should take it to Apple – current aftermarket batteries are not considered reliable; and it’s not worth the risk to save a little time or money! We and our partners do not offer battery replacements on these newer models at this time.
Services for 2014-2016 MacBook Pro/Air models and 2014-2016 iMacs are now limited mostly to “palliative care” due to the “aging out” of their hardware and limited return on investment to the owner for upgrades and repairs.
Services for pre-2015 MacBooks and iMacs are limited (with some very rare exceptions for legacy use cases) exclusively to data recovery/transfer. It is not safe to continue using these devices online, and we strongly encourage their replacement. As a general policy – with very few exceptions – we do not repair Macs of this age.

Check out some of the services we provide that can save you money:

Hard Drive/SSD Data Recovery
We’ll recover and restore data from a hard drive or SSD that has failed in certain ways, but still retains readable data (i.e., simple corruptions or deletion). If we can’t do it, we know forensic data recovery teams who can!

Touchpad Cable Replacement
The cable that connects the touchpad to the logic board in some MacBook Air and Pro models can fail causing the touchpad and/or keyboard to stop working. This is a common problem that has a quick, inexpensive fix!

Virus/Malware Removal & Repair
“Macs don’t get viruses” is a myth!  If your computer has been infected with a virus, spyware, or malware, we can diagnose and repair it for you.

Operating System Installation & Upgrades
Want to move up to the latest version of macOS, Ventura? Using the latest version of MacOS, regardless of your Mac’s age, can help keep you running smoothly and with the most current software available.  And even if Big Sur is the limit your computer can take, we can help advise you and perform the upgrade, making the transition as painless as possible.

System Diagnostics
Experiencing strange bugs or slowdowns that you can’t explain? We’ll perform testing/diagnostics to determine the cause and best solution.

LCD Display Replacement
Replacing the LCD in MacBook Pro Retina models is an arduous task. We’ve partnered with a display assembly provider in Virginia who can get most models to us within 24 hours for lightning-fast repairs!

Speaker replacement
Speakers in many Macs – especially the 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 15″ – can wear out with time and start making a buzzing, fuzzy, or “blown-out” noise. We can replace these!

MagSafe power connector replacement
Some older Macs with the magnetic power connector may stop charging properly due to a problem with the charging input’s microcontroller or burnt contacts – and we can replace this!

Keyboard Replacement
Some MacBook models require the whole palmrest assembly to be swapped. Most MacBook Pro and Air models require the removal and replacement of nearly a hundred tiny screws. Fear not – we can handle it!