Acer and Gateway Computer Repair

Using an Acer or Gateway desktop or laptop computer?  The Computer Cellar is a team of experienced experts who can help diagnose and repair your problem, whether it’s hardware or software related.

Acer and Gateway (currently the same company marketing under different names, with the exception of the newest uber-cheap Gateway models which are manufactured by Evoo) make affordable and generally reliable computers. Though their models can vary greatly in design, a majority of the most popular models are built-to-a-cost and quite plasticky, meaning they can be very easy to damage, especially their screens or the plastic frames. Acer has some recent models with motherboard reliability issues.

Thankfully, the parts for them are usually fairly affordable, with the exception of some of the fancier Aspire-V and Aspire-M products, and can usually be obtained fairly quickly when needed. We are experts are locating OEM parts for your computer.

Give us a call today to find out how we can get your computer running like new again!